Collaborative Poetry: Little London Reading Group

by Christine Chettle and members of the Little London Reading Group
At the Little London Reading Group sessions, we sometimes write collaborative poetry, in which every member (if they wish) contributes a line about a particular theme. We then collect the lines together to read what we have created as a group.
The first collaborative poetry writing session was inspired by a passage in Alice Through the Looking Glass when Alice collects rushes which vanish as soon as she picks them, becoming symbols of beauty which cannot last.

Collecting Rushes
Happiness is like scented-rushes.
The snow lies on the trees like icing-sugar.
Lilies are spread in the meadow like gems.
The city glows from the wall behind me.
Horses gallop with their flowing manes, showing their pride
My mother’s eyes give a chocolate-coloured warmth.
Horses gambol with children like magical toys.
When I wake up in the morning, I feel all the world wake up.
I breathe fresh air and fly with my opinions, and thinking so,
I am always singing with the birds, wind, clouds;
so my happiness is sharing every thing in nature.

From 'Alice Rows the Sheep' by John Tenniel

From ‘Alice Rows the Sheep’ by John Tenniel

Uncertainty clouds my mind, reminding me of failing love.
I carry many faces in my heart; they speak a language of both joy and pain.
My heart always opens for new feelings, but just nice feelings, and
in my heart are living a lot of nice people, and I remember them all the time,
so my heart sometimes is tired.
My heart flutters like a shivering bird, seeking fondness, grace and love.

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