Little London Reading Group

Photo of Leeds and Little London mural in the Little London Community Centre.

Photo of Leeds and Little London mural in the Little London Community Centre.

The Little London Reading Group meets from 1-3:30 pm ( or until 4 pm if you want to stay for lunch) on Saturdays at the Little London Community Centre, in conjunction with Leeds STAR (Student Action for Refugees) ESL Conversation Classes. The Little London Community Centre is on Oatland Lane, Little London, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 1SP (see here for a map).
The group provides a comfortable space for people with an intermediate level of English to engage with reading texts in this language. The sessions consist of reading sections of the book aloud (generally a few pages per session), followed by discussion, and sometimes, by some collaborative creative writing. See this post for an example of such collaborative creative writing.

Please contact Christine Chettle ( for more information.
We have just finished reading The Uncommon Reader, by Alan Bennett.

Here is a reflection written by one of the members on a previous book we were reading, Alice Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll:

‘I have read Lewis Carroll’s Alice Through the Looking-Glass with my friend Christine and other friends in Student Action for Refugees. It is a provocative and challenging book. I do not classify it under the genre of children’s literature because it is more philosophical and full of symbolism. The chess board plays an integral part in the book where Alice has to pass certain steps to become like the red queen. It is a representation of life stages and Alice travels through the looking glass to see and experience what she longs to be.’

Here is what a recent visitor, Alberto Carbajal, had to say about the Little London Reading Group:
‘Within the context of this workshop for STAR, it became apparent that literature isn’t the privilege of the affluent middle class and the object of scrutiny of a few learned individuals: it can actually help people learn more about others and about themselves; it brings down man-made barriers and helps us create new bonds.’

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  1. AJAR is alive and well just google AJAR Leeds
    x david

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